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The Soul Searcher: a middle-aged adventure

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What next? Widowed, empty-nested and menopausal, Libby faces life changes with spirit. But, why is a handsome, young stranger suddenly everywhere she turns?
Age fifty-five has come crashing down on Libby O'Malley. Luckily, she has a wicked sense of humor even if it causes her to have an accident from time to time. She's seeking new purpose in her new life. She won't have to look far, because her next big thing is looking for her. David Baynard, a handsome stranger, ten years younger than Libby just showed up in her rural hometown. Now he is everywhere she is - her library, her dance class, alone in her house in the Pine Barrens.
It is an unusual man who sees past the love handles, crow's feet and grey hairs of a mature woman and perceives the depth of courage, wisdom and compassion she has earned through decades of being a wife and mother. David is an unusual man. He needs a women like Libby to help him find his soul. Her ability to make him laugh is a bonus. Libby doesnโ€™t want to make a fool of herself with a younger man, but David wants to win her love. Only then can he trust her with his secret. Libby can help David, but the stakes may be high. It could cost her soul. No sex scenes, no profanity. 4.7 stars Goodreads.

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