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The Power Of Being Different

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"The Power of Being Different" by John Paul Carinci is a unique look at achieving success. Just when the "Success" genre has fallen asleep, an author such as John Paul Carinci comes out of nowhere and asks the questions, "Where are you in your life's journey? Is time speeding up or slowing down? At what stage are you?"

"The Power of Being Different" is a different and original look at "YOU," capturing a daily positive attitude, grabbing "15 minutes a day " just for you, understanding and utilizing your "subconscious mind" and "The Power Deep Inside!"

"The Power of Being Different" is written from the perspective POV (point of view) of an author who has traveled down the road already but has no problems sharing with us (if we listen) the power of becoming successful. Everything is here on this earth for us to make and create our own opportunities.

"The Power of Being Different" by John Paul Carinci is the only "success" genre book that I have ever read that actually "looks at the opposite of success --- total failure." Why do some win and others shoot themselves in the foot? "Why do some lose the gumption to push?" One reason the author points out is that they "lose their motivation." They burn out, mentally and emotionally. "They lose the spark, the magic and the excitement of their work." --- Reviewed by John Weaver
"Uniqueness Leads To a Great Book"
From the Author
**What's It All About Alfie?**
Step back and look at life closely:
" It seems like everyone's life today is so busy. It's like we're all riding on an out of control train that is speeding down a track, so fast we can't get off. N...o one seems to have any spare time for anything, its rush here and rush there. People drive so fast these days, not because they are late, but rather they have too much going on in their lives.
People wonder, "What's It All About Alfie?" What am I doing here? What is my purpose? And what happens after life on earth?
I study people closely. Many people today seem uncertain, frustrated and scared about the times we are in. They are looking for answers. Religion of any kind can help.
I Believe
I have my own strong beliefs. I believe in God. I believe that we were all created to be great. Some of us along the way have gotten off track with our thinking, but we can once again get back in the game.
I believe that we were each put on earth to make a difference of some kind. We were put here to help, to be a positive influence, and touch other lives. We are here to give back, not to keep taking. To lift someone up and never tear them down.
I believe that life on earth is very short. Shorter than what the average age of 85 works out to be in our minds. In other words, eternity is what we will ultimately have after life on earth.
I believe that we are given the opportunity to build a life here on earth, and one day we each will have to make a full accounting of that life, answering completely.
What if, my beliefs hold true? What if we all get to spend an eternity in the hereafter with all our loved ones? What if we get to review in precise detail, with our loved ones, each second of our lives? We have a scorecard here on earth, one most of us seem to ignore. But what if I am right, and we have to explain all of our actions, achievements, good deeds, charity, and help extended to others? What if?
I believe that everything on earth happens for a reason. Though sometimes sad things in life are very hard to understand and explain, they are here for our learning. When a child dies so young. When I come across a paralyzed man named Ken, who has been in a wheelchair for over 20 years, and can't move most of his body, it is for a reason. When I hear just the other day that a 36 year old woman, eight months pregnant, is run down and killed in a parking lot by a plow removing snow, and the baby is delivered, but may be brain damaged.
When I lose a school friend of mine Gil, who dies in a car accident, at age 19, and I have to deliver my first insurance death claim as a first year life insurance agent. It is all for a reason. I believe.
I believe that everything that happens on earth is God's plan to help us stay on track. To remind us that life on earth is but a second in time compared to the eternity we will all have after our life here is closed, and the diaries of our lives are each passed up to the place we will consider Heaven.
My belief is strong, but it is my own belief. It gives me peace. It drives me forward, motivating me to do more, to be more, to help more. But more than anything, I believe, with all my heart, that all my loved ones that have passed are rooting loudly for me in the hereafter. I believe I have an audience that I will once again be reunited with. But, I mostly believe that my biggest fan, from above, is God, and I cannot, I dare not disappoint Him. He created greatness when you and I were born, I will not insult him by giving Him back anything but greatness in return.

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