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The Disappearing Shore

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The open secret among environmental leaders is that it's already too late. They'll never admit that publicly, you'd stop listening. And they may - just may - be wrong.

The Disappearing Shore imagines what would happen if their calls to responsible action were replaced by the shock and despair they really feel. As sometimes happens with broken taboos, the result is as refreshing as it is engaging.

From there, you’ll travel beyond our uncertain era to meet those living in a mysteriously different tomorrow where they struggle to understand the past while continuing the human story.

Roberta Park's bold work of fiction gives a voice to those who are willing to tell the truth – people who refuse to keep quiet about the ravages of the coming storm even as they wonder what, if anything, they can do about it.

Wry, honest and hopeful, The Disappearing Shore is a tale for our time.

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