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Once Upon a Time - Bedtime Stories with Uncle Willy

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Laugh Out Loud with Once Upon a Time!

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Silly Uncle Willy is in town so let the fun begin.

Once Upon a Time, the hilarious first in the Bedtime Stories with Uncle Willy series will have you and your kids bonding through laughter.

Silly Uncle Willy
Travels far and near
He drops by for a visit
Twice or thrice a year

He tells us funny stories
He does so all in rhyme
Starting often with the words
Once upon a time

Silly Uncle Willy’s wild imagination has clocks racing around the block, socks dancing, shoes broadcasting the entertainment news, bananas on horseback, and much more! To increase the fun, Uncle Willy tells his stories in hysterical rhymes, which are sure to bring on the giggles. Each story is also depicted with an eye-catching, beautifully illustrated image.

Perfect reading that guarantees bedtime with a smile!

Recommended for kids ages 3 to 8

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