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THE ONE GOD: Questions on God, death, religion, truth.

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THE ONE GOD: Questions on God, death, religion, truth.
This is a sincere effort by the author to provide answers to some of the questions that have challenged many people in their quest to know God.
1.Why there must be a God?
2.Who is God?
3.Why should I believe in Jesus?
4.What is living life?
5.Why did Jesus have to die for the salvation of mankind?
6.Are you doing enough good deeds?
7.What is the proof for heaven or hell?
8.Have money, possessions, good family, what about the soul?
9.How can I come to God?
10.Is Jesus Christ really coming back?
11.How did I meet with the true real God?
12.What part do good works play in the Christian life?
13.Should we forgive others?
14.Would anyone still go to heaven if they believE in God just before death?
15.How can I have peace with God?
16.Who is satan?
17.Was Jesus a Jew? Did HE fulfil the law?
18.Did people take Jesus’ life?
19.What happens after death?
20.Arminianism or Calvinism?
21.Role of a Christian wife
22.Is it ok for a Christian to divorce?
23.Is not having a child a curse?
24.Will God judge the world?
25.Can a Christian be depressed?
26.How do I improve my self confidence?
27.Am I beautiful?
28.How to find God’s will?

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