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Spooks in the Attic, Trolls in my Head

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While criminals roam free, regular working class people are targeted, stalked, harassed, and tortured - for no reason. Worldwide, tens of thousands report hearing "Voice of God" weapons. Former CIA officials and the technology weapons creators have verified the existence of these programs.

In the mid 2020’s, the globalists finally have the puzzle pieces in place for total economic collapse. America is evolving toward totalitarian state services, with unprecedented oppression, as Federal Agencies sabotage fundamental human rights - freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

Meet Jack, the average hard working American, or so it would seem. Jack is a sleeper cell, unaware that he is part of a secret CIA project. Strange things suddenly begin happening with Jack; things that make him seem unstable to those around him - except for his wife Jezz.

It's not just Jack that's affected, and it's not just Americans. Worldwide, tens of thousands report similar symptoms of targeted oppression, including “Voice of God” weapons.

But - How many sleeper cells are there ?
Who will be the next sleeper cell ?
What will be their mission ?

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