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The Last Human: Space Shenanigans (The Last Human Saga Book 2)

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The Last Human has been shot. Is this the end of The Last Human Show?

Solus Tour is not going well. Rick is unconscious in space, the result of his attempts at reclaiming his freedom. He’s dragged Brock, his cyborg-warrior bodyguard with him. Also along for the ride are the show’s annoyingly upbeat director, Gary, and Moon, the girl Rick has been swooning over and kind of kidnapped…

Now they’re all on the run, pursued by murderous lunatics sent by the Dick.

Follow Rick and his companions as they travel the weird and wonderful solar system attempting to survive the chaos they themselves unwittingly sow... Mettle will be tested and patience will be tried, as the consequences of Rick’s space shenanigans ripple throughout Solus.

A series of improbable events lead to what is possibly the greatest space adventure ever, or not...

Warning, adult content. Do not read if easily offended. This book contains coarse language, sex, drugs and violence. All the good stuff.

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