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Splitting Up Together: The How-to for an AMICABLE Divorce

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Separated? Thinking about separating?

Getting an understanding about the divorce separation process before embarking on it is vital.

Splitting Up Together is your how-to divorce handbook.

Written by Siobhan Mullins, collaboratively trained divorce lawyer, Siobhan shares with you her AMICABLE Method on the practical steps to follow to progress and finalise your divorce, without resorting to court and expensive lawyers.

The chapters are broken down into the different stages that you’ll go through from before the decision to separate is made, right through until the separation has been finalised.

You will learn and understand:

• What to consider when making the decision to separate and your options when it comes to staying together or not
• The common mistakes that people make when separating and how you can avoid making them
• What the law says in general terms about finances, parenting, child support, maintenance and divorce after separation
• How to reach an agreement with your partner without lawyers by following the AMICABLE Method and make the agreement official

There are plenty of wishy-washy self-help and legalese books on breakups, but until now there has been no plain-English, easy-to-understand handbook on the practical ‘stuff’ to do and think about before and after separation.

Whether you’re considering separating or you have separated, this book is a must read.

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