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The Recruit

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A young girl is thrust into a battle between vampires and werewolves. But first she must survive her initiation…

Rebecca Sawyer never thought she was anything special. An orphan, a runaway… Just another girl with crushed dreams and a broken heart. But then she met Dylan, a mysterious stranger with a past even darker than her own.

Through Dylan, Rebecca discovers a world she never knew existed. A world of powerful undead, ferocious shapeshifters, and an eternal struggle to protect humanity. Dylan is a vampire, part of a secret organization tasked with defeating a savage pack of werewolves. And he’s looking to recruit Rebecca to joint the fight.

When Rebecca succumbs to Dylan’s vampiric charm, she soon learns she is a natural warrior of the night. She possesses strange powers, skills even the other vampires can’t understand. And she’s going to need every last one of them to survive…

The new recruit soon find herself stalked by an elite vampire hunter, driven by one burning question… Does Rebecca have what it takes to fight for humanity?

Or will bloodlust consume her before the true battle even begins?

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