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Bonely Planet Guidebook: London

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If you are GAY or CURIOUS and going to London, England, then YOU NEED THIS BOOK!

This up-to-date and personally researched guidebook will help you find all the best cruising spots in the city where you can meet sexy, hip, and attractive men for casual encounters and more

Learn how to

Find the Busiest and Most Popular Spots to Meet Guys

This guidebook lists the TOP 5 places to go in London for gay/bi/curious cruising--in order of popularity and quality. It has been recently researched on foot and reflects what’s current. London is one of the best cities in the world for cruising. In case you are new to the concept or the word: “Cruising” means physically scouting around a specific locality, live and in person (not hiding digitally behind a phone), for other guys to hook up with--often anonymous and casual, but not always. It’s way faster, less work, and more organic (and exciting) than meeting on a dating app like Grindr or Tinder. You get to meet and see multiple guys in a short period of time, some of whom are gay and some of whom are just curious or bisexual. It’s like hunting, but no animal gets hurt 🙂 It’s like a bar or club, but without having to pay to get in (usually), no loud annoying music and crowds, and no one is pretending they are they for any other reason--very efficient. Often it’s outdoors in the fresh air.

Get Exact GPS locations

You can search all day online to find the best cruising spots in any city, and you will likely find a bunch of dead ends or places that don’t exist anymore or simply places with no good instructions on how to really get there. This book is the opposite. You will read EXACTLY how to get there and these places are REAL and are the most hip and happening popular spots.

Find out the Best Times to Go

Don’t waste your time going to the wrong place at the wrong time! Find out here when to go for busiest times and higher likelihood of the types of guys you want to see there.

Get Detailed Descriptions of How to Get There and What it’s All About

This guidebook of the TOP 5 (and more) cruising spots in London includes detailed descriptions of EXACTLY how to get there, EXACTLY when to go, WHO all is likely to be there, and detailed comments about the scene, the safety, the vibe and more.

This Guidebook Will Save You Hours of Research and Turn Your Time in London Upside Down--In a Good Way

There’s really isn’t much that’s more exciting or invigorating than being in a crowd of like-minded men with high sexual energy and a very high likelihood of real-life, satisfying encounters. This book is your ticket to achieving that in ridiculously little time. Don’t waste another minute, this is sure to be one of the best investments of your trip. If you’re already local, then this is also a must. Your life won’t be the same. Happy hunting!

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