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Ninnever Uploaded

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What if your parents sold you into dark experiments that tortured and killed you far from home?
Ninnever just awoke, uploaded into an iron behemoth that can smash asteroids and spaceships.

Will she find herself among thousands of other voices now in her head, or will destructive power corrupt her into villainy? Has she become the slave instrument of a hive mind's war against humanity?

Welcome to the Ninneverse, where the struggle is real.

Ninnever Uploaded is the second short story in the Evil Tech Support Origins collection. It picks up where Professor of Enigmas left off.

From the book:

Ninnever continued thinking at him. He could swear she became even more clear, entering the very front of his consciousness until he was barely aware of himself, almost thinking her thoughts and her thoughts only. It was frightening to lose control of his own mind. He was still there somewhere, but no longer driving. He had become a passenger.

Bixby was accustomed to control, in bringing whatever he conceptualized to reality, though the physical process was slow because it involved other hands. He could build entire machines in his mind, and the rest of reality took time to catch up.

He understood things about the universe and its nature that nobody else did—he controlled his own destiny—and often that of others. He would never surrender that control—not to an implant, and certainly not to a creature he had uploaded into a hunk of iron.

But now his thoughts, his entire mind, were being pushed aside, taken over by another he had rescued from death, preserved in a droid and uploaded to a monster monolith with the destructive power of an army of fighter craft. Hadn't he demonstrated concern...caring for her?

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