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Billy Bob Handsome lives at Texas Mile Marker 103. He learns that The White House is known as The Peoples' House, so he moves to Washington DC. A White House staffer recognizes him in a Georgetown bar from the sound of the Texas tang in his voice. Gloria Gorgeous was named Jane Jones when she lived at Mile Marker103. A torrid love affair draws Billy Bob into accepting a secret assignment to lead a design team for The Great Trump Border Wall. Billy Bob owned a cattle pen and fence repair business that he ran out of the glove compartment of his pickup truck at Mile Marker 103. In Washington, Billy Bob was given a desk inside a Planning Room under the helicopter landing area on the South Lawn of The White House. Two of Billy Bob's girlfriends from his line-dancing days in Texas come to Washington to join the Planning Staff. One girlfriend was a jailhouse cook at Mile Marker 103. His other girlfriend was a computer geek that worked at home calculating orbits for spacecraft. Gloria Gorgeous spends most of her time with President Trump in the Oval Office watching movies on TV. She spends some of her time underground working with the Planning Staff to fulfill the mission statement for the wall between America and Mexico. Several design proposals are tested before a design that satisfies the mission statement is recommended to the president for his approval. If an old man had not fallen off his porch during Gloria's backyard cook-out, a marvelous design utilizing the latest technology would never have seen the light of day.

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