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Whose Boy Are You? A Memoir of a Young Boy

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Charles Frankhauser published a second memoir to expand an episode in his first memoir (Miss Williams). Whose Boy Are You? is a title derived from the remarks of a neighbor that often inquired where and how Charles came to live with an elderly childless couple. Charles was eleven years old in 1947 and the couple provided childcare as if they were all living during the wild days of the 1920s. The distant relatives raised him in well-to-do surroundings under strict rules, educated him in social norms of polite society, and exposed him to the wild escapades of guests at weekend parties in the country. Charles had a list of chores similar to those of the character Cinderella in the fairy tale. He provided fresh caught seafood at weekend parties and at home was charged with care of a Great Dane dog. His success in walking a strong dog determined if he would be allowed to continue living with the couple. This couple was one of the few relatives of Charles that were not divorced. They had a lasting positive effect on his life.

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