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Miss Williams

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Charles Frankhauser published the memoir Miss Williams in honor of the 5th grade elementary school teacher that years ago failed him during the same week that he had been forced to choose the parent to “go with” after screams of “I want a divorce” erupted between his parents. Charles missed dessert that night due to a food-fight between his parents over a smudge of lipstick on a shirt collar. His aunt’s remark to him many years later, “I’ve never known a person with a childhood like yours,” prompted him to share his experiences while he was shuttled among close and distant relatives that were experiencing lifestyles ranging from near poverty to extravagant wealth. Years later his stepfather called him from a hospital bed with some brief last words, “I just wanted to tell you that you did it all yourself.” Prior to that telephone call, they had not spoken for years. What decision did Charles make after the food-fight? Why did he choose the parent he chose? How did he get an education? Can his advice help readers?

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