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Miss Williams

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Charles Frankhauser published the memoir, Miss Williams, in honor of the 5th grade elementary school teacher that failed him. The traumatic news of failing 5th grade was compounded by the simultaneous but unexpected divorce of his parents. The "failure" was the beginning of a boy's awakening. Charles flourished in school and became a member of a new family. After his parent's divorce he was sent to live with distant relatives that he did not know. Miss Williams and the distant relatives launched a young boy towards a successful life and career. The fear of failure was a driving force in his life and gave him the strength to go on to academic achievement in the Honor Roll in high school, then to the U.S. Naval Academy and submarine school, Senior Staff at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and last but not least, a happy life with a wife and two children. Thank you Miss Williams for seeing potential in a young fragile boy who was destine to fail.

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