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RC and RUBY Screenplay

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Subgenre: (Historical Romantic Fiction adapted from novel: Atlantic City Nazi)

Summary of Work
When RC's parents fall asleep after the band plays its closing number in an Atlantic City, New Jersey, run-down bar, RC starts to fall in love with a young showgirl that is performing in a horse-diving act at the end of the Steel Pier. America and Germany are at peace. Ruby is involved in espionage by bolstering the morale of U-Boat sailors that are testing America's coastline defenses in preparation for a German invasion of America. Ruby needs help making booze deliveries by boat to U-Boat sailors at sea as a means to bolster their morale.
Ruby was raised in a Hitler Youth Camp in a curriculum focused on the development of espionage related skills. Ruby realizes that luring RC into her spy ring would be easier than shooting fish in a barrel. RC's experience with young women is limited to spin-the-bottle games at birthday parties. RC knows that every step he takes toward assisting Ruby during her booze running missions is dangerous, but he can't resist Ruby's romantic advances and her lessons in how to commit petty crimes on the beach.
At the end of RC's career as a spy, he recounts the adventures of his life to influence others to guard against allowing petty crimes and romance to escalate into illegal banking activities, associations in weddings with the mob and Wall Street swindlers, murder, rum smuggling, kidnapping, and finally blackmail. Blackmail in RC's case involved jail time for multiple crimes unless he accomplishes a nearly impossible task ordered by members of a plot against Hitler.

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