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Legacy of Dolyn: Volume 2

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All her magical bets are off.

Once again.

Set a year after the events of Volume 1.

A lost princess, a bounty, and an evil CEO.

What do they have in common?

Nothing until they do.

Coping with a recent loss, Glen isn't sure what to do next. That is until officials chase her. The pursuit has led her to a foreign country where she has to deal with the realities of living plus remain hidden.

Sadly, Glen doesn't have a choice. She must cope while returning a princess home and investigate a company scandal. Not to mention, she needs to take the potential invasion by the ultimate Big Bad into account. The fate of everyone's lives is in her hands!

All this may seem too much for our intrepid sorceress. But with the help of a handsome swordsman and friends, Glen will face any challenge that stands in her way. And hopefully be free from her burden.

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