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Lucky's Will

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Nothing will keep Lucky from protecting her beloved Will—not even the frigid temperature and mounting snow.

When Will slumps over at the wheel of the car, Lucky, his old dog, sets off in search of help. She braves icy conditions and dangerous highways, but help is nowhere to be found. With no other choice, Lucky returns to the car to watch over her lifelong friend.

Lucky's worst fear had came true. Will was dead and she was desperately alone.

A grief-stricken Lucky survives against tremendous odds only to face an uncertain future when Will’s brother, George finally arrives eighteen days later.

George can't take Lucky and thinks no one will want a 20-year-old dog. Lucky’s future looks bleak until one little boy stands up and fights for her life.

"Just because Lucky is old does not mean she has to die," the young boy told George.

Lucky's Will is an inspiring true story that demonstrates the determination and wisdom of a child and the extraordinary resilience of a loyal little dog.

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