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Professor of Enigmas

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Young Bixby was sold to Smeiser Spaceworks, where he rose against all odds to control Venture Lab, running clandestine experiments far from prying eyes. When his rival comes to collect on a deal forged in betrayal, Bixby must choose a side.

From the Book:

From the floor behind him, his father said, “It doesn’t matter anyway. You’re on the first ship to the moon tomorrow. Don’t bother going home for your stuff. I’m throwing it out. You think you’re so smart? They’re going to dig a hole in your head and make you their lab rat.”

Bixby bumped his mother’s shoulder when he reached the hallway. He stopped. They eyed each other somberly for a moment and he knew the deal was sealed—the envelope was fresh in her hand.
She wasn’t to blame—contracts of this nature were common in the Citadel. But when he thought of saying goodbye, he just turned and left her behind instead.

Three men in hats emerged from the shadows down the hallway. He knew they were from Smeiser. He straightened his back, determined to walk into manhood before meeting them.

From the character origin series of Evil Tech Support comes the short story of Bixby's rise to power. This prequel can be read on its own or before the longer novel.

Look for Book Two in February 2019: Ninnever Uploaded.

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