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The Doc Is In: Diagnosis Revenge

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Step into the office of Dr. Lorel Kaine, ‘Doc’ to those who know her intimately. Therapist to the Hollywood stars, the B List celebrities, and the one hit wonders who can’t stop wondering where did all the fame go?

Her current cases include a sex addicted police captain who sees nothing wrong with stalking. A mistress who is a junkie for the love, likes, shares, and reposts to the drug that is social media. And in a definite conflict of interest, her best friend Renee, who is too smart to be so dumb for the violent abuse she suffers.

As Doc navigates the best treatments for her clients, she can no longer ignore the growing illness in her own life. She and her husband Landry are the happily married couple on the surface… seemingly. Yet no one would suspect the chaos they share behind closed doors.

The stress of life and business become too much for Doc, so she must decide which is more important; her career or her family? A choice will be made, a decision will be rendered as love will be lost and war declared on all who stand in her way. So please, for your own sake, don’t get in the way of this ambitious Doctor…

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