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HAPPY NEW YEAR! The 7 Acts of Happiness that’ll Make Your New Year the Best Year Ever!

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MANY people today are struggling to find meaning and purpose, seeking happier and more meaningful life!

In “Happy New Year! The 7-Acts of Happiness that’ll Make Your New Year the Best Year Ever (Daily Happiness Habits for the New Year, 2019)”, M.S. Joel unveils the simple path to overcoming every limitation and create the life you desperately aspire for at every level by making the right choices and not regret any decisions you’ll probably be confronted with come 2019 - from increasing accomplishment to reducing anxiety, fear, and hopelessness, staying motivated, enthusiastic and passionate, to successful career, devoted relationship, and repeated true meaning . . .

Read this book NOW and you will have a revealing, intimate and competitive edge in 2019 to a happy and fulfilled life at work, at home, and at play . . . ENJOY the recipe for success and in reaching your 90% of your goal!

Don't face 2019 without having an idea on how to go about it - or you could lose the opportunity of a life time!

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