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Slush Pile Inspector

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The publishing industry uses the term, Slush Pile, to describe manuscripts that possess little or no appeal to the buying public. Slush Pile and Trash are equivalent terms. A taxi driver in Savannah, Georgia meets a biker that writes terrible poetry. Happy Dan Biker Man sells poems by the page from a looseleaf notebook with the title: Open Road Hog Poems. And episodes from that chance meeting unfold in this novel that's written as a fictional memoir by the protagonist, Buster Scooper. First, Buster introduces readers to the origins of the publishing industry from the dawn of cave men and cave women to the present. He reveals the secret vocation of Slush Pile Inspector, as practiced in the basement of a major NYC publishing house. The duties of Slush Pile Inspectors are outlined leading to Buster's love affair that begins during a publisher's penthouse party. Buster is forced to become a literary agent but he lacks knowledge of that profession. A stray dog solves his problem and he opens Buster's Literary Ink & Paperworks with a total lack of business knowledge. Buster is swept into managing a candidate's campaign for The White House and then several characters are swept into the Hollywood world of filmmaking. Romance, crime, bank robbery, bull riding, political tours, the Secret Service, and a palm reader interact to reveal Buster's experiences. And how does it all end? It's a surprise of course. This novel is definitely in the humor genre, some readers tell the author they love it, and some were kind enough to tell the author, "Not for me" and we still walk dogs together.

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