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Damn, I'm Not the Queen!?/From Under My Blanket Bk. 5

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Damn, I'm Not the Queen?: After a man kidnapped, beat and raped me when I was nine years old I had serious doubts of being the Queen. Then the same man kidnapped, beat, raped, and murdered my two little nine year old card playing Hillbilly girl friends in front of me. So, I knew I would never be the Queen. Then I had a long life of homelessness, violence, abuse, rapes, beatings, guns, and knives while homeless and hitching on the highways which confirmed even further that I'll never be the Queen. Many marriages and relationships with men were long, violent, abusive, rapes, beatings, guns, knives, and narcissistic abuse taking me further from being the Queen.

They're were lots of incest and inbreeding within both sides of mom and dad's family, but they're are no Kings or Queens. ALL of my family alienated me and acted as though they were Kings, Queens and Holier than me, so I wasn't surprised to learn that I wasn't the Queen. If you want to read my horrifying and shocking story please click on the book tiles. I even put them in chapters so they will be cheap, but there are full editions also, of course.

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