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Meet Me at the Laundry Facility/From Under My Blanket Bk. 3

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Women in prisons: The truth about women and sexual relations during incarceration. Women's violent stories behind bars never told that no one knows cuz I was with them. What they show on T.V. is nothing like the reality of women in prisons and jails. Most of what you hear or see on media about sex and violence among women behind bars is true, but somewhat exaggerated. I will also educate you about jail house religion and when it's appropriate to say, "It's real." Inmates are notorious for ingenuity and innovation. They're is a ton of people in high positions who owned businesses, but the demise drugs took them down.It makes you wander why the recidivism is so high when a large portion of the prisons and jails population is so extremely talented.

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