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Peaceful Warrior Woman

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Young Annish dreams of an exciting Hunter-Warrior’s life rather than the traditional domestic role set out for her. A moving solo hunter’s adventure odyssey unfolds bringing Spirit World visions, Ancestor guidance, powerful mysterious forces and life defining soul challenges. As the hunting expedition ends a bigger mission ensues, fulfilling an ancient prophecy. In the process, she must face hard truths of a changing world, understand her true gifts, life path and contribution to community and the world. In the moments of stillness where times stands still with heart love and hard lessons learned, Annish becomes a Peaceful Warrior Woman affecting many generations to come.
One woman is a tiny divine spark in a timeless collective; all of us are Peaceful Warrior Women.

*Most Helpful Reader reviews:
~ "I read your story and it is wonderful. It is full of magic. All the human reactions that as so well written. I loved it. It is a sorry that would interest any age group. It was all surreal and wonderful. Thank you for giving me the privilege to read it. It would make every female feel that story was written about her. Truly loved it!!!!!" Toni XXX
~ "oh my GAWD This book touched my spirit, I am speechless! I'll be sharing this with everyone I know!!!" mu crowley
~ "I loved your little book! So COOL!!!! And I thank you for the feather... It was a good teacher for people who don't know about shamanic knowings -- the communications with all life, and the meanings and messages." much love Susie B. Sedonna, Arizona
~ "Love It! I have spent countless years, days, hours reading and educating myself on our country's heritage and roots. Peaceful Warrior: Annish's Journey is one of my favourites and holds a special spot in my heart and my library........ Thank you Jan Porter!" S. Ackerman, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
~ "Your book is wonderful. I am not much of a reader and I always only read as much at one sitting as my soul and spirit can absorb and ingest it for awakening my consciousness. Indeed this book is there." Dan Davison, Ontario, Canada

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