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Angel Guides, love communication Workbook

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"This book is the "medicine" that everyone needs right now-not Tylenol, not Xanax, not Advil." Vania M. Amazon Reviewer

Get your Angel Groove on! ~ Book of the Week Award "Angel Guides, love communication"
~ Your Angels and Spirit Guides are waiting to meet, talk and work with you!
~ Oodles of loving comfort, insights, support and inspiration.
~ Powerful and easy communication.
Your Angel Guides are waiting to formally meet you! Communicate and allow your Angel Guides to flow comfort, love, insights and inspiration. A wonderful life path and to fulfill your soul’s purpose, is your birthright. The best of your ancestors and the magic of the cosmos is in your DNA!"

"This book is the "medicine" that everyone needs right now. Everyone is “plugged in”, “online”, “dialed in”, and Over-Scheduled! This book is the remedy to all that."

*Take an Angel guided workshop meditation journey free sample for a spin:

*Jan Porter is an award-winning author of numerous personal growth and literary fiction books. A seasoned spiritual writer, Spiritualist/Metaphysical Minister, Angel workshop facilitator and the author of: "Angel Guides, love communication Workbook", “Soul Calling, your Angel guided life purpose” and numerous other self counsel books and literary fiction novels. *For more about Jan’s books or to connect:, Twitter, YouTube, GoodReads, Facebook

*Most Helpful Reviews:
"Hi My Earth Angel; I have absolutely no words to describe or explain how wonderful this is!!! OH Jan, what a wonderful time for you to send me this gift!!! It brought love, peace, comfort and every thing divine, back into my life while I was listening to it.THIS!!! brought it all back. .. THIS!! made me feel wonderful and... " YOU" have helped me and you will never know how much! Thank you, my dearest friend! All my love and much LIGHT!" T. Lang xox
~ "Your loving, lovely words and meditation was just what I was looking for as I transition from the busy day into a hopefully productive evening session at my beading table. Imagine my delight when I recognized a Canadian accent...I was cast northwards to Cranberry, B.C. where my angel meditation unfolded & my angel-friend was a tall, blonde older man in a suit with an angular face and such a kindness & calm. You provided the perfect gateway to a loving, healing place where I felt surrounded by angels of past family I was never fortunate enough to know - all the best of our family were gathered around me and my tall, blonde male angel-guide & comfort. It was powerful & just what I needed. Thank you so much for sharing your gift, Jan." J.A. Wilson

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