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Harley's Redemption

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Harley is a rebel soul, lashing out at his family because all they care about is their social standing. They are destroying him piece by piece. He is a biker on a downward spiral with his world falling apart. Together with his manservant, Garrett, he sets out to discover himself and look for the angel in his visions. This is his story about failure, redemption and his search for Mari.

Mari thinks Harley is drop dead gorgeous. He is the guy in most girls dreams. When he smiles, she sees the innocent angel and the rascally devil in him. Harley loves her with reckless abandon. To Mari, Harley is her joy, her present, and her future. She loves how he encourages her to seek adventure and to follow her dreams.

Harley's Redemption is a romance filled with comedic and tragic moments. It tells the story of two college students as they discover the love of a lifetime. This is the journey of two people who discover true love is endless, endures through all the heartbreak and laughter, and transcends time.

Come Ride With Harley.

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