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Army of the Dog

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Will Fiedler isn’t sure where to turn after his dad bulldozes the family home into the swimming pool over a feud with Wells Fargo Bank. Will’s classmate Aldo Pierce isn’t much help; his family farm’s air and water has been poisoned by Anadarko Petroleum drilling. Even their friend Ben Blair isn’t sure what to do about the misinformation spread by the corporate news networks of the unusual circumstances of his brother’s death in Afghanistan by “friendly fire.” Do they have the courage to fight back against large and dishonest corporations? A chance encounter with a cynical dog-loving homeless man provides the answer and a call to action leading to a madcap adventure with canine companions, bantering humor and embarrassing pranks gone wild. Based on the rarely told true life accounts and documented conversations among the personalities depicted in Raphael’s 1511 painting The School of Athens, the Voice of Reason narrates a fall semester in the lives of the mischief-making Greek philosophers set in the modern context of the University of Colorado (CU) in Boulder.

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