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Spiritual Biz, passion, purpose and fulfillment in a changing global community

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"Spiritual Biz, passion, purpose and fulfillment in a changing global community"
Your soul is calling you to your passion, life purpose and fulfillment in a rapidly changing global community.
What was once old time community mindedness and sharing cooperation is the emerging future of sustainable business and right livelihood. Harness the best of your Ancestors, ancient prophecies, the magic of the cosmos and practical wisdom bridging traditional and alternative resource tools. Hone your intuition and navigate your soul path with confidence.
Doing what you came here to do is a journey of discovery and fulfillment. Your unique soul path adds an amazing spark to the global tapestry, a positive drop that ripples forward for generations to come."

NOTE from the Authors:
Our Mission: "To give & share so much that we wet our pants laughing with joy." Dan Davidson

About the Authors:
~ Jan Porter is a seasoned spiritual author and former career counselor who specializes in ancient wisdom and empowerment.
~ Daniel Davison is a Global Investment Banker, Philanthropist and Visionary; Double Helix Management, Moral Explosion; global integrated micro-community concept. Double Helix Management Services Ltd.

Keywords: Life Purpose, Fulfillment, How To, Ancient Wisdom, Spiritual Growth, New Age, Jan Porter, Daniel Davison, Spiritual Business, Right Livelihood, Sacred Economics, Philosophy

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