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Sacred Space, mind body soul after Sexual Abuse

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"Deeply Uplifting - Jan Porter’s ‘Sacred Space’ is set to change the lives of countless people who have suffered from sexual abuse—people who otherwise would be left misunderstood and the object of prejudice—as well as enlighten the rest of us enough to embrace acceptance and proactive healing." - New York Book Pundit

"Sacred Space, mind body soul after sexual abuse" 'Your body, mind and soul are Sacred Space. Shifting wounds into wisdom and loving life, is the art of inspired transformation. The journey out of the pain of sexual abuse to wholeness is in boldly allowing insights and inspiration to bring forth authentic empowerment, fulfillment and inner peace. Sacred Space offers insights and resources from those who have been there and bounced back better than before. The power of your ancestors and the magic of the cosmos is in your DNA!"

*Jan Porter is a survivor, workshop facilitator, award-winning personal growth and literary fiction author. Author of “Life After Abuse, a practical healing guide for survivors”. All books are available in ebook, paperback and large print via Amazon and to order wherever books are sold. Connect via Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, LibraryThing.

*Dedicated to all of those who seek healing, wholeness and inner peace from sexual abuse and for those who support and care for them. The author's sensitivity for healing of sexual abuse journey, includes soul freeing insights, perspective, tips and resources for overcoming sexual abuse, case samples. Gain comfort and peace of mind. The journey out of the pain of sexual abuse to wholeness is in boldly allowing insights and inspiration to bring forth authentic empowerment, fulfillment and inner peace. Awakening the power within. This guide encourages awakening the spiritual power within, the strength and wisdom that is already inside you.

Contents - Awaken the power within: ~ Your Happiness be Sacred, ~ Understanding Sexual Abuse/Assault, ~ The Healing Process: Stress Management, Journaling, ~ Working through Key Issues, Transformation, ~ Let Go and Uplift, ~ Daily Living Skills, ~ Self-Awareness Exercises, Soul Boosters, ~ Communing with your Ancestors, Guides and Angels, ~ Alternative Resources

YouTube healing chats and meditations:

"I can't imagine anyone reading this book and not taking something away from it that they will treasure forever." - BarbBookWorm
"Full of great tools one can use to help face their fears head-on, it gently guides you to a stronger, healthier place within that has been there all along." - Vania
"I would highly recommend you not only read this book, but that you live by the book" - Johanna
"This is a book about feeling empowered and taking your life back." - Tiffany
"This is such an amazing book to share with those who have encountered sexual abuse" - Stephanie
"Sacred Space' is definitely a must-read-everyone who has undergone abuse or those who know a friend or a loved one who has suffered from it should read this book. This can change their lives, and yours, too." - Meghan
"I love all of Jan's teachings on the road to recovery, healing and wholeness. " - Khaleda

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