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Mantle: The Smoke Wizard

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Three years ago, Mantle’s three allied kingdoms banded together to defeat Menagraff and his evil minions. That defeat, however, was only the beginning in the War of Mantle. Menagraff, in the meantime, has grown stronger and a wave of darkness and terror has spread over the kingdoms of Tongar, Forris, and Bore. The allied kings find themselves at a loss on how to fight back—or even survive.

Their only hope lies in four teenagers: Lizabet Abbot, who is still discovering her magical abilities; Prince Nikolay of Tongar, reluctantly coming to terms with his royal duties; Kalvik Leopold, whose rebelliousness has put his life in danger; and Dorian Bellows, Lizabet’s loyal friend.

As the four journey into the heart of evil, Lizabet must untangle cryptic clues from an oracle and reach deep within herself in a final face-off with a wicked wizard who reigns over Mantle.

The epic story that began with Mantle: The Return of the Sha comes to a stunning conclusion in The Smoke Wizard.

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