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So What Do I Do?

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This is a thriller of the 'Why’d they do it?' category and the book stands alone with its intriguing trail of catch-up between the police and the criminals. It's in the "Columbo style" of a mystery where you see crimes committed, and then watch all of the recriminations unfold around them while police detective Shantra attempts to piece clues together. Can he track down the felons?

A crime that goes badly wrong in its execution, and goes on to tragically affect the local school community, produces a trail of chaos. It’s a winding trail that the reader must try to follow and which two ex-pupils from the school take around Britain - only to end at its shocking conclusion. One pupil was once a vulnerable victim but is now a police detective; the other was his old bullying foe but is now a ruthless killer!

In So What Do I Do? we see the return of a few of readers' favourite characters. Constable Nigel Shantra returns as a detective, determined to bring to justice Kyle Crabbe, the psychotic adversary of his from the first So What! novel. And just what does a class of cheeky chimps, and a large black spider monkey, have to do with the traumatic events surrounding Hodgson's Hide - the legacy of retired Technology teacher Gil Hodgson?

When a conspiracy to defraud the local populace, devised by two apparently respectable but unscrupulous pillars of the community, goes disastrously wrong it results in an intriguing case for detective constable Shantra to solve. The traumatic events that ensue will prove to affect the haplessly incompetent pair of criminal perpetrators, hired by the swindling conspirators, as well as the teachers and pupils of Birch Green High School.

The recently promoted teacher, Molly Shrimpton, discovers that the pressures of helping newly qualified teachers to cope with unruly classes bear no comparison to the eventual strain that she and her colleagues experience when an ex-pupil of the school decides it’s time for payback. This bullying past enemy of Nigel Shantra and his brother, Adam, will prove to be far more ruthless and cruel than anyone could have imagined in order to achieve his criminal ambitions. But he is just as likely to turn his attention towards anyone who upsets his plans, with terrifying consequences for those who won’t comply with his wishes.

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