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Forbidden Blossom

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Can a mysterious inheritance from an eccentric billionaire right a wrong from generations ago?

When Anne is plunged into the lives of the top one percent she finds herself entangled with a cutthroat family who will do anything to keep the past buried. As she uncovers generations of secrets that stir bitter memories sheโ€™s thrust into the crosshairs of a vindictive scheme. The family lawyer is the only one keeping her strong, and Anne is falling for him, but is he genuine or only interested in her new wealth?

Two generations earlier, Rose has newly immigrated to the United States from Taiwan. In an era when Chinese immigrants are not always welcome, Rose knows she must tread lightly in her new home. However, the temptations in the world of the very rich, the freedom of her new western lifestyle, and her teenage naivetรฉ make her throw caution to the wind. Will she have the strength to walk away when the bossโ€™s son turns his attention to her?

Roseโ€™s decision could cause ripples through generations of families. Will Anne be affected so many years later or will she set her own path in a new more modern world?

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