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Safe (Dystopian Adventure)

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A captivating dystopian adventure.

Inspired by survival in a post-apocalyptic world, this standalone novel takes charge with a brazen heroine and riveting twists. SAFE is a fast-paced adventure that makes you turn the page to keep up with the action!

A girl with book-smarts. A boy with muscles. An island with an impenetrable perimeter.

Penny hopes to follow in her family's footsteps as lead scientist. As a third-generation survivor of the apocalypse, she lives on a protected island and plans a future with her high school boyfriend. But a mandatory blood test might destroy all she holds dear.

When her boyfriend knocks on her door, Penny's thrust into a dangerous world with deadly animals and even deadlier people. Penny must escape the island and discover the truth behind its existence if she wishes to survive.

*Perfect for fans of Hunger Games, Outside, and other apocalyptic fiction!

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