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I Do: The Independent Domestic Objective

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I Do.

A simple expression whose meaning is too often ignored.

In America, abusive relationships have become an epidemic. In a society that is becoming increasingly more fractured, domestic abuse is on an unprecedented rise. As much as we as a culture are inundated with domestic abuse stories though, sadly little is openly discussed about the causes behind these dysfunctional relationships. Though much is written about changing an abusive partner, little is written to identify one.

For the first time, author Ron Glick has dedicated a book entirely to the subject of the most dominant underlying cause of domestic abuse: the abuse-control cycle. Ranging from gratuity through domination, the author sets out to frankly discuss all four individual phases of the abuse-control cycle with simple, straight-forward candor, as well as discussing the only true solution to the epidemic:

The Independent Domestic Objective.

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