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A fast-paced love story described as "a really nice surprise!" with "great character development," "fantastic writing," and "dialogues for days."

Tori Douglas hates her life. Struggling to make everyone around her happy, she's made herself miserable. Then she meets Devon, a delinquent who does what he wants. Unlike everyone else, Devon listens to Tori and makes her feel as if she's the only other person in the world.

But Tori's friends and family don't like Devon. Her best friend, Kennedy, thinks Tori hanging out with Devon will damage her budding social status. Tori's mom says Devon is a bad influence that will never amount to anything. And Tori's brother worries there are things about Devon that Tori doesn't know and will hurt her.

When Tori's mom says she can't see Devon until Tori gets her grades up, Devon asks his best friend, Carter, to help Tori with her homework. At the same time, rumor has it Devon has given in to old temptations, and Kennedy sees an opportunity to play on his insecurities.

Can Tori and Devon stay together? Or will rumors and lies tear them apart?

Spiraling is recommended for readers who like stories about good girls who fall for bad boys.

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