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Magoch: Young and Lost in a New Era

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A vulgar teenaged mage by the name of Ezreth curses up a storm trying figure out where the hell he is. Lost, confused, and alone, he makes several mistakes along the way. The massive magical event he creates shatters the normal reality for the people of Cepha, handing a lucky majority magical powers to recklessly handle. Among those mistakes, Ezreth tags along with a retail worker, who badgers and annoys him about his magic, desiring to learn what he does so naturally.

A child historian risks exposing her secrets to discover the origins of the mage. Her wealth, her intelligence, her family history, her abilities, her curse… Who is Ms. Vulpine exactly?

Jakki, a high school senior who thought she had life figured out experiences the worst two days of her life after she’s given magic. Everything is changing around her, even her best friend.

See how these three stories weave in and out of each other in this funny, meta, as well as realistically brutal urban fantasy world.

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