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Cold Sandwiches and All: A Romantic Comedy

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Pride and Prejudice meets The West Wing (with a touch of magic) in this laugh-out-loud romcom!

Rosemary decorates the homes of the capital city's rich and famous by day and reads trashy novels by night. Between the two--not to mention her extensive previous résumé--she has a finely-honed sense of the absurd.

Still, even she's a little surprised when she meets the king by chance...and falls in love.

She's not half as astonished as he is. King or not, Lucien knows perfectly well he's not the kind of man with whom women fall madly in love.

But for that matter, it's hardly sensible he's the king, either: he's a pianist, not a politician. His magic won't even let him tell a lie. That's awkward enough in international diplomacy...but very inconvenient when he's head over heels for a woman he thinks he can't have.

Nothing will stop Rosemary from finding out if this really is true love: not even the stubbornness of the king himself. Even if that means she has to blackmail him.

Love, magic, politics, and blackmail--what could go wrong?

Length: this is a full-length novel of 104,000 words
Rating: PG-13 for an exceptionally dirty limerick

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