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In a time of myth and magick, the destiny of a powerful coven rests on the shoulders of a young girl…

On an island protected by an enchanted Mist, Flynn Hawthorn believes she’s cursed to live an average life—stripped of magick. Tired of disappointing her mother and the Grand Coven she fears she’ll never fulfill the prophecies surrounding her birth. But how far will she go to change her fate?

Her best friend Hazel has a plan to fool their instructors by secretly pushing her own vast powers through Flynn during training sessions. The scheme works flawlessly until their way of life is threatened by dark powers from beyond the Mist?

With the Shadow Witch’s spell closing in, can Flynn and Hazel keep up their charade or will the game they’re playing cost them their lives…

An Average Curse is the first book in The Chronicles of Hawthorn YA coming-of-age fantasy series. If you like inventive world building, unbreakable friendships, and deep magick then you'll love Rue's fast-paced historical fantasy!

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