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Magpie: A Collection of Really Short Stories

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If you like short fiction that packs a punch, you'll love this thought-provoking collection. The eleven stories found in Magpie will introduce you to a motley cast of strong female characters with one thing in common: heart. Stories include Pushcart-nominated "The Blemish Collector", heart-wrenching "Ashes", short-and-not-so-sweet "Magpie", and the previously unpublished flash story, "The Jackals".

"Great picks of short stories to open your imagination. Don't miss the adventure! It will make you love the short story again!" - Amazon Reviewer

"I have saved this book of short stories to reread and analyze as to why they are SO good!" - Amazon Reviewer

"I don't usually enjoy short stories. They always seem to finish before they get started. But these... These were the perfect length. " - GoodReads Reviewer

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