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Bag Up! by Adam Fraiel

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After visiting hundreds of cities during decades of travel, author Adam “Fray” Fraiel highlights one of his most exciting and memorable adventures—Israel.

Backpacking through Israel, from shiny Tel Aviv to enchanting Jerusalem and the ground-shaking Golan Heights, Fray found himself dusty, thirsty, awed, and, at times, even scared. The incredible country offers stunning beauty and a land of extremes.
Experience the charm, sights, and sounds of the Holy Land.

Go wild camping on beaches and on rooftops under the stars. Travel through the Judean Desert and see what it’s like to be stranded without food and water.

With a conversational style and humorous approach, Bag Up is an unforgettable, unconventional travel guide to Israel and the splendor of its history, culture, and spectacular scenery.

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