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Hard Magic (The Weird Magic Trilogy Book 2)

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More bumps along the path to true love.

When Magnus Rogon, Uncrowned King of Right-Thinking Witches and Warlocks, defies the long history of his genus-magicus ancestors, The High Tribunal shows him who's really in charge. They exile him to a place where Thea Gale--carrier of witch-killing DNA--can not reach him.

An attempted kidnapping en route to faraway Scotland goes wrong. He escapes and immediately returns to Thea only to learn she's had a visit from his doppleganger.

Then things get really strange. A rogue warlock woos Thea's mother. Smitten, she walks into the arms of a kidnapper, taking her grandson with her.

Of course, the rogue warlock wants Thea's red shoes and Magnus's crown. Unfamiliar with the shoes' power, Thea uses them stupidly, putting her mother, nephew, and Magnus in jeopardy.

Can she save everyone she loves without making the ultimate sacrifice?

Fast paced and funny, HARd MAGiC spoofs the idea Dorothy Gale stored the red shoes in her closet after her return from Oz.

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