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Ready or Not

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The obscene phone call is the first chip in the fragile façade thirty-seven-year-old Karen Sullivan shows the world.

Karen never speaks about her childhood rape. Never. Not to Dad. Not to her best friend. Why would she? With the rapist killed accidentally after the attack, Karen builds an orderly life. She cyber-sleuths for companies willing to pay big bucks to ferret out dirt on potential employees or execs. Those big bucks pay the enormous costs of her ailing father's care. Sure, sometimes she skirts the law. But in reality, her life is dull.
Until the first call. Followed by another. And another. And another. Each filled with details known only to Karen.
Graphic threats to hurt Dad and her best friend leave her shaken. Murder leaves her stunned. Forced to accept help from a rogue cop, she’s not sure they can prevent her becoming the next prey.

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