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True Magic (The Weird Magic Trilogy Book 3)

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Magic red shoes don’t trump witch-killing genes. Thea Gale inherited both, and The High Tribunal ixnays the hot romance between her and Magnus, The Uncrowned King of Right-Thinking Witches and Warlocks.
To make their decree crystal clear, The High Tribunal exiles Magnus to an island far, far away--so far Thea and Magnus can't communicate via ESP. The Tribunal has no doubt out of sight, out of mind will cool the hot romance.
A knock at the door ...
Moping instead of coping, Thea stops contemplating administering multiple clicks on each member of The High Tribunal long enough to answer the door.
The out-of-the-blue appearance of a young girl in the middle of the night is a big surprise. Make that shock when the girl claims she's Magnus's daughter. Since Thea didn’t know he had a daughter, the betrayal leaves her gobsmacked.
Never underestimate a woman scorned (or believes she was done wrong by the warlock she loved) ...
Across the miles, Magnus picks up Thea’s furious vibes. He defies The Tribunal and returns to civilization. He has to deal with this game changer face-to-face. Before he and Thea can rebuild their relationship, a rogue warlock unleashes his black magic. He wants the birthright of Magnus's daughter, Magnus's claim to the Right-Thinkers' throne, and Thea's magical red slippers.
The stakes ratchet up ...
The baddie makes clear that the shoes will belong to him. It's his only guarantee of ruling the world. Out of her league, Thea watches as Magnus and his daughter falter in the fight against evil. She must figure out the red shoes’ true magic.
Can she learn fast enough to save Magnus, his daughter, and herself?

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