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Hitched Too: Secret Vows

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From friendship to marriage in sixty-seconds.

The most important thing to Kevin Davis is his career. After hearing rumors that the company will only promote a married man, he asks Melissa to be his bride. He knew she didn't deserve to be put in a situation like that and promised to make it up to her when the charade was over.

When Melissa O'Brien agreed to share an apartment with her best friend's brother and grade school crush, Kevin, she never expected him to propose. Agreeing to be his wife was an easy decision since she loved him for years.

As the weeks passed, Kevin found himself longing to call her his wife for real. Melissa saw a side of him she didn't know existed, and questioned her true feelings.

Will their hasty marriage result in a stronger bond and lasting love? Or will it destroy their lifelong friendship that has been pushed to the limits?

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