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Big Magic, Book 1 (The Weird Magic Trilogy)

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Thea Gale carries the DNA of a witch killer. She has no illusions about a man in her life. She has her cats. Her red stiletto heels come in handy when the occasional date misses the meaning of "NO."

Born The Uncrowned King of All Right-Thinking Witches and Warlocks, Dr. Magnus Rogon, cat vet extraordinaire, has his practice. He's in no hurry to don the crown. He has his pick of wannabe queens, and he likes bachelorhood.

When Thea Gale shows up at his hospital with her seriously injured black cat, he recognizes her instantly: Her snobbish attitude. Her last name. And of course, her powerful red shoes. He recognizes her fear for Toto's life, but sheesh. Her demands for a step-by-step explanation of his magical treatment grates.

When Dr. Magnus Rogon plays coy about his medical procedures, Thea grows increasingly demanding. Yes, she's grateful, but how did he manage such a miraculous performance? Not a single stitch. Not an attempt at calming her.

And when he finally caves and admits he performed magic, she goes off the rails. His obsession with her red shoes ratchets up her anxiety and disbelief. His plea for help in saving the world from a band of rogue warlocks and sociopathic common humans scrambles every brain cell.

Or maybe it's her hormones. He is smokin' hot. Dark. Mysterious (duh!). Movie-star handsome. Just her luck he has a foot fetish.

If they're star-crossed lovers, they have absolutely nothing but lust going for them. Her family, his family, history, different spheres, different destinies.

Can they save the world and overcome the roadblocks to an out-of-this-world romance?

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