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God Is a Poem

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101 poems presented in a very unique way.

Amazingly appropriate instrumentals were served with the poetry to make the narration unbelievably emotional and effective. Even if you don't like poetry, you will love these mostly original Christian poems. Of course you won't be able to hear the music and narration by purchasing only the book. This is where comes in. This entire book of 101 poems has been narrated by Vic Zarley and embedded with the wonderful instrumentals all licensed through Creative Commons with attribution (hence the need to identify them at the end of each poem). You will be blessed! 114 pages, nearly 5 hours on

Please listen to a sample of the narrated poems HERE. You may want to purchase the audiobook first then, later, the print book.

When you visit that sample page, you may note on the right there is a button that says, "Free with a 30 day trial." That means if you've never been an subscriber, you are invited to get my book and try FREE for 30 days. You may cancel anytime and keep the book!

Still uncertain about whether you'd like to listen to nearly 5 hour of poetry? Listen to another sample entitled There Was a Teacher Long Ago, then use your back arrow to return to this screen.

Another page I'd like you to see shows you ALL my audio-books that I currently have up at See them HERE. I pray you will listen to them all and that you will be blessed!
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