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The Invisible Histories of the Spiral Mountain; or The Hymns of Melchizedek

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If you’re an introvert, spiritual seeker, or a deep thinker, this book is for you.

After a series of unfortunate events, a broken man searches for meaning in one of America’s most dangerous cities: Detroit, Michigan. His life changes when he exits the bourgeois and meets an enigmatic figure: a teacher who initiates him into a secret brotherhood of knights where overcoming fear, challenging sexual taboo, and facing death become the prime directives.

Through his metamorphosis, two worlds collide. A fantasy realm conquers waking life as the transformative experience reveals the mystical principles taught by the Rosicrucians: a society of cabalistic warriors whose esoteric doctrine provides insight into spiritual realms.

Soon after, the man finds illumination in a young woman’s loving embrace. Every knight must have his maiden: a muse held in the highest regard. Experiencing the unobtainable virgin’s tenderness becomes the crux of the knight-errant’s struggle with courtly love. This doomed romance changes the knight forever.

"The Invisible Histories of the Spiral Mountain" is an unconventional novel: part poignant love story, part "sex, drugs, and rock n roll," part thought-provoking mystical allegory.

This 480-page edition includes 13 illustrations and over 100 pages of added material not included in the original printing.

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