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Whobeda's Guide to Basic Astrology

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An easy to comprehend overview of the basic principles you need to know to understand astrology and how they're applied. Most of this information is published online at and is compiled here in book form for convenience rather than following the tedious path of hyperlink bingo. Includes sections on relationships; career selection; parenting; planetary cycles and their effects; dieting at the right time; and selecting the right time for any endeavor.

Praise for "Whobeda's Guide"

"Written in a light and, at times, downright funny voice, this is a book I'm keeping on my shelf."
"A user-friendly introduction to a field of study that goes back to the dawn of man."
"If you have no clue about cusps, rising, or what a fixed or mutable sign is, then you need to read this book."
"Fun, witty and informative. . . An Absolute must read!"
"Five stars only because I can't give it a hundred!"

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