The Dragon's Call: The Dragon Chronicles of Ezhadia: Book One

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Dragons had lived in peace on Ezhadia for centuries until they were discovered by the evil Nordking, Hanghul. He and his tribe of warriors betrayed the dragons and stole their magical Lodestone. Plagued with sickness and ruin, the dragons were forced into exile.

Joe is eleven and has lived on Ezhadia for two years. His Grandpa Sil always told him that dragons existed and Joe grew up learning everything he could about these mythical creatures of the sky.

After arriving on Ezhadia, Joe started hearing strange voices in his head. He didn't understand the words. He didn't know his destiny was bound to the dragons living so near... until the day he finally understood the dragon's call.

And so began the adventure of a lifetime...

Buy the book and join the adventure.

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