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Andre at Roots; An American Boy's Experience in an African Village

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Andre at Roots is a narrative of of an unruly 15 years old African American boy who was sent to his maternal root village in the River Niger Delta in Africa - to be tamed! He experienced firsthand the traditional extended family culture of Africa, African village environment today, traditional food, hunting, traditional prosecution and attendant drama, native justice..., He got the facts and fiction on spirit creatures and witchcraft in Africa – chilling incidents and/or stories -, he listened to stories of long past European atrocities and plundering in Africa. He learnt why Africa is rife in crisis or volatile today, all from a septuagenarian maternal relative. The African village environment and NATURE are aspects he found would surely confound any American teenager. He quickly found himself on the watch-out, amazed, baffled….There were things in the African village environment unknown to science too. He was tamed. What tamed him before he returned to the U.S.? It is an engrossing narrative.

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